Invited talks

The MISDOOM conference traditionally features invited speakers from both academia and journalism.

Edda Humprecht (University of Z├╝rich, Switzerland)

Edda Humprecht is a Senior Research and Teaching Associate in the Department of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich. In her research, she focuses on the content, use and effects of political communication, in particular, social media and digital media. Currently, she leads a project on online disinformation in comparative perspective.

Susan Banducci (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)

Susan Banducci is a professor and director of the Exeter Q-Step Centre. Her research interests are in the areas of comparative political behaviour, media and political communication.

Lucas Brouwers (NRC Handelsblad, Amsterdam)

Lucas Brouwers heads the science desk at the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. He is also known from the popular-science podcast Onbehaarde Apen.

Coen van de Ven (De Groene Amsterdammer, Amsterdam)

Coen van de Ven is a journalist at De Groene Amsterdammer, a quality weekly in the Netherlands, where he wrote, among other things, about misinformation, fake news and alt right. He is furthermore a board member of the Dutch investigative journalism association.