Program outline. Below is the new online program for October 26 and 27, 2020. It consists of 3 invited talks, 2 networking sessions and 70 contributed talks/papers, of which 10 talks will be plenary, and 60 talks will take in parallel sessions. Presentations should last no longer than 10-12 minutes, leaving 3-5 minutes for discussion. This page will be updated with relevant information on the online videoconferencing platform.

Interaction & networking. Conferences are usually not just to present work, but also to get feedback and meet new people. Therefore, apart from giving a talk, participants of MISDOOM meet for a networking session in so-called topical groups in the morning before their presentation. See this movie about the symposium format.

Detailed program. See the assignment of accepted papers to sessions.

Time zone. All times are in CET (UTC +1)

Day 1 – Monday October 26, 2020

8:308:50Welcome & testing of technical setup
8:509:00Symposium opening
9:0010:00Invited talk: Edda Humprecht: Unequal framework conditions? Lessons from comparative research on online disinformation
10:0010:45Networking session in “topical groups” (+ coffee break)
Group A
Group B
Group C
10:4512:00Parallel session 1 (3 x 5 papers):
A1 – Fake Science, Science Misinformation & Countermeasures
B1 – State-based Misinformation, Disruption & Surveillance
C1 – Malicious Actors and their Strategies
13:0014:15Plenary session (5 papers): Challenges
14:2514:45Coffee break
14:4516:00Parallel session 2 (3 x 5 papers):
A2 – Automatic Detection of Fake News & Misinformation
B2 – The Public – Susceptibility and Peer Influence
C2 – Election Engineering & Political Misinformation

Day 2 – Tuesday October 27, 2020

8:509:00Welcome & testing of technical setup
9:0010:00Invited talk: Susan Banducci: What Can Misinformation Tell Us about Media Systems?
10:0010:45Networking session in “topical groups” (+ coffee break)
Group A
Group B
Group C
10:4512:00Parallel session 3 (3 x 5 papers):
A3 – Fundamental Concepts of Misinformation
B3 – NLP and ML for Fake-News Identification
C3 – Human-Based Solutions
13:0014:15Plenary session (5 papers): Solutions
14:2514:45Coffee break
14:4515:45Invited talk Coen van de Ven: Title to be reconfirmed
15:4517:00Parallel session 4 (3 x 5 papers):
A4 – News, Conspiracies & Filter Bubbles
B4 – Spreading & Spill-Over Dynamics of Misinformation
C4 – Solutions – Tools & Systems
17:0017:10Symposium closing